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Wax Protection vs. Ceramic Protection

Ceramic Coating provides the longest lasting and most durable layer of protection (up to 9 years) that guards against harsh environmental elements, vehicular/industrial pollution, UV-radiation, salt, oxidation, and other damaging factors while wax provides a short term protection (up to 1 year) that can only withstand some environmental elements although it does repel water it doesn’t contain hydrophobic protection properties.

The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating are noticeable, prevent damaging adhesion build-up and make cleaning easy.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the multi-step process of eliminating paint imperfections, scratches, blemishes, swirls, water spots, oxidation, haziness and dullness, rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle. The 1, 2 or 3 Step Process refines the paint’s surface creating a smooth, blemish free, fresh look. Once the Paint Correction Process is completed a Paint Protection is ready to be applied. *Paint Correction is required prior to receiving a Ceramic Coating Service.

Express Service vs. Full Service

Express Services are for in between Full Detail Service Maintenance Cleanings. These are designed to maintain your vehicle with convenience and ease. Quality Express Service Options Professionally refresh and deliver exceptional results. Express Services are conveniently available for walk-in Customers but calling ahead can reduce any waiting time. Full Service Detail options are for a vehicle that needs a deeper clean due to buildup from daily life. Revitalizing 21`shampoo extraction, complete refresh from daily wear.

SFT Versus Others

We are IDA Members; International Detail Association Fully Certified in both Skills Validation and Certified Detailing accreditations. We have been serving Indy since 2001, Fully Insured for ALL industry needs and capacities to meet Client requests at any scale with their full assurance and confidence the SFT Team will provide Professionalism from the start. Our long-term industry experience and exceptional customer service delivers optimum satisfaction for our customers. We are not like the “others” (carwash, express clean centers & detail shops), we are set-apart in multiple areas, including menu options, vehicle cross contamination prevention assurance, service quality, customer service, professionalism, innovative equipment, vapor technology, industry knowledge and certifications.

SFT Vehicle Cross Contamination Prevention Assurance

Vehicle to Vehicle Cross Contamination Prevention allows us to deliver quality service and quality results safely to each Customer. Cross contamination prevention is a key factor in our operation. The multi-step process to eliminate/prevent virus pathogens and unhealthy elements from each vehicle at our facility & diligent vehicle to vehicle cross contamination prevention measures we take ensure your vehicle will not only look great, but it will also be a healthy environment for you and your family. We are committed to providing healthy vehicle environments and will continue innovating healthy vehicle solutions.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatments have been proven to kill 99% of pathogens including enveloped viruses as Covid-19. We use ozone treatments as 1 step in our multi-step process to prevent any potential pathogens from being brought into our facility and being spread to other vehicles through equipment surface contact. This vital step is done on every vehicle at our facility while other places continue to only use a one-step disinfectant spray process. This leaves room for human error causing continuous vehicle and equipment cross contamination placing every customer at risk.

We tend to forget our vehicles are a cesspool of bacteria, allergens, micro-bugs and potentially viruses. Improper cleaning may remove contaminants from the major surfaces, but they will reappear or still be in hidden areas. Being an enclosed space bacterium can grow and spread rather quickly. This is why an ozone treatment is necessary for proper disinfecting and continued safe healthy environment for customers and employees.

Ozone Treatment Service $65 - Now reduced to $35 as a required treatment for every vehicle.

What Does SFT Recommend?

Exterior Add Ons: Windshield Ceramic Coating & Headlight Restoration (when necessary)
Full Service: Ceramic Coating Paint Protection
Interior Add Ons: Ceramic Coating Interior Protection on all Seats/Carpet/Mats


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