At Scott’s Finishing Touch, we are committed to providing healthy vehicle environments and will continue to seek leading innovation in healthy vehicle solutions. SFT Interior Service Options were designed for worry-free convenient care. Providing express maintenance options to full-service detail options allowing each customer a tailored experience meeting their specific needs.

We specialize in interior services and with the SFT Cross Contamination Prevention Assurance we want each client to feel confident in our thorough procedures, have a great experience and receive high quality interior service. We continuously strive for customer satisfaction and are meticulous with our end results. Our Menu Options and additional services provide our clients with a convenient variety of auto detailing solutions.

The SFT Interior Difference

Now, more than ever clients recognize the importance and value of an IDA Certified Detail Facility. SFT has been providing quality service since 2001 and is a leader in the Detail Industry. Our industry grade equipment, innovative practices, continuing education, experience, and Vehicle to Vehicle Cross Contamination Prevention services allow us to deliver quality service and quality results safely to each customer.

Eliminate unsightly buildup and unseen potential health risks with the SFT Assurance and Convenience. Our multi-step process and dry vapor technology disinfects deeply, penetrating pores, fibers, and microscopic surface abrasions, along with industry grade carpet extraction treatment that removes embedded grime, and a comprehensive service process will have your vehicle’s interior refreshed, renewed, and restored. Our auto detailing services make it possible to maintain a healthy vehicle environment; from our Express Maintenance Service Options to our Elite Full Detail Service Options, we have you covered.

Choosing Your Interior Service:

Reference guide to assist in choosing your service options.
Refer to our menu for pricing and service descriptions.
#2 Express Maintenance: Service for The Regular Maintained Vehicle Service with no build-up or extensive cleaning needs.

#4 Premium Express Service: Service for The Regular Maintained Vehicle that has daily family wear not in need of full detail service, just maintenance cleaning in between detail services.

#6 Complete Interior Detail: Full Interior Detail Service for Vehicles in need of build-up removal, shampoo extraction, complete refresh from daily wear. Not a quick maintenance service. (Not Included: pet hair/headliner/trunk shampoo/extensive cleaning)

#8 Elite Full Interior Detail: Extensive Full Interior Detail Service for Vehicles in need of build-up removal, thorough shampoo extraction and a deep sanitation that refreshes your interior to a like-new condition. Top of the line Interior Detail; not a quick maintenance service.

Interior Ceramic Coating Protection: Any Vehicle, Motorcycle, Boat, RV can benefit from an Interior Ceramic Coating Application. Daily wear and seasonal factors are damaging to your fabric, leather, and upholstery. Liquids, Snow, Rain, Dirt, UV Radiation and Other Factors can be prevented from damaging your upholstery. Preventative care can avoid damage and maintain the look, texture, and color of your surfaces. This interior treatment provides long-term protection, maintenance ease and peace of mind.

Popular Interior Add-Ons:

Refer to our menu for pricing.

Baby Seat: A convenient service offered to clean and refresh your child’s car seat.

Ozone Treatment: A great service option for any vehicle, RV, or watercraft. This treatment eliminates odors and 99% of harmful pathogens. Enclosed spaces grow and spread bacteria quickly; even clean vehicles can be soiled with layers of sweat, dead skin, and pathogens.

Pet Hair Removal: A convenient way to refresh your interior. Factors such as time, size, complexity, and more determine the total cost.

Spot Extraction: A great option if you only have an isolated spill or spot that needs to be removed, but do not require an entire vehicle shampoo extraction. A professional grade extraction treatment can remove embedded stains and grime, thus restoring the look and feel of your car while also removing odor.

Headliner: Refresh the look and smell of your vehicle by adding a headliner treatment. Eliminate unsightly marks and stale smells.

Scott’s Finishing Touch is a leading provider of professional interior and exterior auto detailing and hand car washing in Avon, Indiana. Our certified automotive detailing specialists have spent decades honing their skills in precision automotive cleaning with true, hands-on experience and formal training. In addition to being IDA certified auto detailers, we ardently stay current on all technological advancements in the auto care industry in order to deliver the highest standards of excellence to our clients. We are also highly trained in all services involving Ceramic Coatings and exterior restoration, giving us the skills and knowledge to protect your vehicles full exterior for years to come. Ceramic Coatings can even be applied to upholstery for long-lasting protection!

Whether you have a high-end import, such as a Lamborghini, or a classic motorcycle that needs a little TLC, we are the highly-acclaimed car detailing professionals that can offer premium quality service at a competitive price. Getting started with our auto detailing options is simple no matter what size or scope your car cleaning needs might be. Just choose from our automotive detailing menus, which defines all of our services, both interior and exterior. When in a hurry, opt for our express detailing services, which are turnkey and don’t require an appointment! From paint correction and clearcoat decontamination, to Ceramic Coating services, ozone treatment services,  and more, Scott’s Finishing Touch is truly your one-stop-shop for automotive cleaning, detailing, and hand washing in Avon, Indiana.

Here at Scott’s Finishing Touch, we are more than just your local car detail center. We, in fact, serve all clientele, including private, commercial, and municipal. We have provided services for law enforcement vehicles, first responder trucks, and even large service industry truck fleets! Our auto detail specialists also work with all make and model vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, tractors, trailers, and more. Large or small, our state-of-the-art facility is fully-equipped to manage any auto detailing project or request with the highest attention to detail and integrity. Best of all, our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can be 100% confident in our workmanship. Contact us at 317-271-7771 to request a free estimate for any of our services, or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.


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