Although there are various options for Ceramic Pro Coatings in the automotive detailing industry, the right option will depend on your vehicle’s unique needs. This is why it is vital to choose a certified and validated Ceramic Coatings specialist who knows how to properly assess which service is the best fit for you. It takes years of hands-on experience and formal training, combined with a fervent passion to keep up with the changing technologies in the field, in order to deliver truly professional results. Here at Scott’s Finishing Touch, we are that team of Ceramic Coating Certified Specialists who can provide unparalleled craftsmanship that stands the test of time. We offer both interior and exterior ceramic protection packages for all make and model vehicles and related equipment in Avon, Indiana.

Our exterior Ceramic Coatings serve as a shield against all sorts of environmental elements and conditions, such as inclement weather, rust, insect decay, snow salt, bird droppings, sun exposure, and more. Not only do our Ceramic Coating applications protect and preserve, they can also reduce the need for auto maintenance, which ultimately safeguards your investment. Ceramic coatings are also highly beneficial for motorized machinery that are prone to oxidation and corrosion, such as commercial and industrial farm equipment, landscape equipment, and construction equipment. In fact, the IGL Ceramic Coating product was specially formulated specifically for the industrial fields, with a focus on providing chemical resistance and reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning.

The Benefits of Interior and Exterior Ceramic Protection

Exterior Ceramic Coatings provide unparalleled hydrophobic protection while delivering a mirror gloss finish and deep, luxurious shine. Acting as a shield, the protective layer guards against environmental elements, insect acid, road salt, bird droppings, oxidation, damaging UV-radiation and more. Interior Ceramic Coatings provide 100% breathable hydrophobic protection, which renders all upholstery and fabric materials entirely resistant to liquids, dirt, staining, and even damaging UV-radiation, all without changing or jeopardizing the integrity of the textiles treated. In fact, you can actually see liquids instantly respond to the protective hydrophobic layer by forming beads and resisting the textile.

When it comes to the integrity of our work, you can feel confident that your vehicle is in the hands of qualified professionals with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Aside from Ceramic Coating applications, we are also a full-service auto detailing facility, offering everything from interior and exterior car detailing, to odor removal, leather treatments, and more. Contact us at 317-271-7771 to learn more about our ceramic coating services, or check out our menu to view prices and package options. We offer flexible scheduling, as well as, free estimates and advice you can trust.

Ceramic Protection

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Highly Recommended for all vehicles, industrial market equipment, motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, RV’s, semi’s, trailers, and more. There is no better professional option for unparalleled hydrophobic protection while maintaining a mirror gloss and deep shine. The certified lasting protection guards against environmental elements, insect acid, road salt, bird droppings, oxidation, damaging UV radiation and more.

Industrial Ceramic Protection: Designed for demanding industrial environments to maintain and prevent damage on machinery, equipment, industrial transport vehicles involving hazardous chemicals, oil/gas, cement, and environmental elements. Can be applied to undercarriages, ATV’s, and multiple other components. We can provide additional information on any Ceramic Coating Service.

Additional Ceramic Options: These Ceramic Coating Service Options can be purchased separately or added to any Exterior Service. They provide optimum results with superior ease in maintaining aesthetics and value.

Windshield/Glass Coating Service: This treatment keeps visibility high during poor weather conditions. This treatment is highly recommended for EVERY windshield on the road. Delivering remarkable protection and maintenance ease. Ice, snow, dirt, insects, and other environmental factors are unable to adhere, leaving you with noticeably improved visibility in inclement weather and lasting protection.

Wheel Face/Whole Wheel Coating Service: Preventative maintenance treatment for ultimate rim protection. The protective barrier prevents environmental contaminants and brake dust adhering to your wheel, providing easy clean up and lasting protection. Protect your investment.

Convertible Top Coating Treatment: Recommended for all convertibles. This treatment provides protection and prevents damage from harsh environmental elements. Visible hydrophobic protection along with a breathable application doesn’t change the look or feel but keeps the life longevity and aesthetic integrity ongoing.

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