At Scott’s Finishing Touch, we are committed to providing exceptional quality results and an excellent customer service experience. SFT Exterior Service Options were designed for worry-free convenient care. We provide Express Maintenance Service Options to keep you looking fresh year-round, from Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Service Options to Headlight Restoration and more. Our options allow our customers to have a tailored experience that meets their specific auto detailing needs.

The SFT Exterior Difference

We know the importance of experience, education, training, and certification, and therefore appreciate the skill and talent that is required to produce exceptional, expert-level auto detailing results. Scott’s Finishing Touch is an IDA Certified Detail Facility CD/SV, employing a team that is professionally trained, retains multi-level certifications. These credentials, along with our continued industry education and field experience, allows us to deliver quality to every job. We always strive for customer satisfaction, and remain meticulous with our end results. Our Menu Options and additional services provide our clients with a convenient variety of Exterior Service Options.

Choosing Your Exterior Service:

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#1 Pro Hand Wash: A Superior Express scratch-free & spot-free maintenance wash service for all Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s, Semi’s, Trailers to prevent damage and maintain upkeep.

#3 Premium Maintenance: An Excellent Express Service that includes our Superior Pro Hand Wash and a Paint Enhancement Application to enhance shine and appearance. Another Great Option for all Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s, Semi’s, Trailers to prevent damage and maintain upkeep.

#5 Complete Paint Protection: A Great Service Option For Routine Maintenance Up-Keep and Protection. Maintains appearance, removes and prevents decontamination buildup; paint protection application enhances your paints luster and gloss.

#7 Premier Polish & Protection: Excellent Service for all Vehicles to Renew, Maintain and Protect. Recommended for all vehicles to maintain paint and vehicles overall maintenance appearance. A light engine detail is also included. One-step machine polish removes light imperfections while bringing out a deeper shine and providing protection.

Paint Correction

Refer to menu for pricing and service descriptions.

Paint correction service is recommended for all vehicles, motorcycles, boats, RV’s, semi’s, and trailers in order to maintain or restore your investment. Paint correction removes light blemishes, scratches, swirls, marring, oxidation, and water spots. This process refines the paints surface creating a smooth, fresh look. There is a 1, 2 or 3 Step Correction Process. The Paints Condition determines the total Steps required for absolute blemish free results. Paint Correction is required prior to receiving a Ceramic Coating Service. Interested in Paint Correction; call or come by our facility during business hours. We can answer questions and offer a free paint assessment at your convenience.

Your vehicle’s paint plays a much larger role than you think. It is important to preserve and protect automotive paint and clearcoats in order to maintain a car’s safety, function, and overall value. Here at Scott’s Finishing Touch, we have just what you need to restore your vehicle’s original shine and luxe. Our car paint repair and pain protection services are available in 3 different package options, all of which refurbishes everything from swirls and water spots, to light blemishes, scrapes, oxidation, marring, etching, and even scratches. Choose between our 1-Step or 2-Step paint correction option, or opt for a personalized 3-Step paint correction package that is customized by one of our expert auto detailing professionals.

We recommend following up paint correction with paint polish and protection services to enhance and extend the life of your results. Our Complete and Premier paint protection packages will bring out a deeper shine, plus can be applied to light engine detailing work. We also offer clay bar applications to decontaminate clearcoats, plus 1-Step express machine polishing, molding and trim treatments, and more. If you are interested in ceramic coating service, your vehicle will require paint correction first. For your convenience, our certified auto detailing specialists are also fully certified in all ceramic coating services. Acting as a shield, the protective layer guards against environmental elements, insect acid, road salt, bird droppings, oxidation, UV-radiation and more.

As skilled and experienced automotive paint correction specialists, you can trust us to deliver the highest standards of excellence regardless of the size of your vehicle or scope of work needed. We retain the latest technologies and innovative advancements in the auto detailing and paint restoration industry, plus utilize premium products and brands, leaving us fully-equipped at all times. Interested in learning more about us? Check out our menu to view all of our automotive detailing services, or even review our shop’s FAQS. You may also contact us directly at 317-271-7771 to request a free estimate or schedule an appointment, anytime!


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